Why You Shouldn’t Require Only Customers to Use the Restroom at Your Coffee Shop

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We can understand why a lot of coffee shops have customers-only restrooms. However, there are also many reasons why you should disband this restriction and allow non-customers to access your restroom.

In Some Places, Denying a Non-Customer the Right to Use a Restroom is Illegal

It may not be in the United States, but there are actually laws that allow non-customers to use the restroom. In the several states of the US, the Ally’s Law is very much applied. The act is inspired by a 14-year-old girl named Ally Bain who was suffering from Crohn’s disease. While shopping at a large retail store, her disease spiked up, which requires her to access to a nearby restroom immediately. However, the retail store denied her to use their employee-only bathroom, and this is how the law was passed.

Using the Restroom is a Need and not A Want

Unlike other facilities like make-up rooms, using the restroom is obviously a need, despite being in a public place. You can’t hold what you’re feeling for a long time, and therefore you’ll have to have an easy access to a restroom. I’m pretty much sure 99% of us urinates and defecates. Therefore, denying someone from a need that you can obviously give is wrong. It may not be illegal, but it’s obviously a bad thing to do so.

You Don’t Want Your Business to Have a Bad Reputation

The person you’re denying use of your coffee shop’s bathroom is probably suffering from a certain disease that requires him or her to go to a restroom immediately. And if the accident is being shared, it can get famous, and can result to a bad reputation for your establishment. And instead of having more customers, you’ll lose a lot of them simply because you denied him or her of something that you can easily provide.

Public Urination Will Increase in Your City

In New York City alone, the NYPD has recorded 20, 000 – 30, 000 incidents of public urination each year. This is the result of the city not having enough accessible public bathrooms for the public. And since most establishments require you to purchase first, people, especially the men would rather find a wall or pole too pee on. Public restrooms are supposed to be part of the basic public infrastructures. So if you don’t want your place to smell like pee, you should probably just allow them to use your bathroom.

Surprisingly, Some People Can’t Buy Even the Most Affordable Flushing Toilets

Not all people can afford to buy in your coffee shop, especially the people living in the streets. If you live in a place where street beggars usually stay, it’s a kind thing to allow them to use your bathroom. Aside from free food and water, they have the right to use once in their life. You also don’t want them to just urinate or defecate anywhere.

There May be No Public Toilets near Your Coffee Shop

There are still places that do not have public toilets for anyone’s use. In America alone, finding a clean and usable public toilet or even one piece toilet is almost impossible. Some people, especially tourists might use your coffee shop’s toilet, but eventually they’ll buy something from your shop after using your restroom. Besides, everyone knows it’s a proper etiquette to buy something from the establishment with the restroom you just used.



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