Ping Pong Tables Are a Great Way to Increase Revenue at Your Coffee Shop

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Ping Pong Tables Are a Great Way to Increase Revenue at Your Coffee Shop

There are a lot of ways to increase the revenue at your coffee shop, but most of them are common and are already exhausted by other coffee shops. But one of unique ways is having ping pong tables at your coffee shop.

Your Coffee Shop Can be a Permanent Ping Pong Lovers Hangout

Isn’t it a pain in the ass to go to a coffee shop and carefully bring 10 takeout cups of coffee to a Ping Pong establishment without spilling? By having this great idea, you’ll be able to bring their favorite drinks and pastries and their favorite sport in one accessible place. They don’t have to suffer from cold drinks or cold pastries, you can even serve them while they play their favorite sport. Just make sure to experiment with different kinds of coffee drinks and pastries so they don’t get bored by ordering the same thing.

Setting up is Easy and Affordable

There are a lot of quality ping pong tables that aren’t expensive. Also, the equipment such as the racket and the balls are also affordable to buy. Compared to other sports such as badminton, basketball, and volleyball, it’s really easy to install it, especially if your coffee shop’s space is just small. You can set it up in the center with the tables and chairs surrounding it, or you can put it on a corner of your coffee shop. Either way, it will still attract attention especially if you properly advertise it to your customers.

Table Tennis or Ping Pong is an Exciting Indoor Sports

We’re not downgrading any sport, but people who want to see action would prefer indoor table tennis compared to a slow game of chess. Some people don’t get chess at all since there are a lot of things you’ll have to learn about it. With ping pong, it’s very easy to figure it out since it’s almost similar to volleyball or badminton. You could actually gain customers from people outside who are curious about all the cheering inside your coffee shop.

It’s Interesting to Watch a Game of Table Tennis While Enjoying a Cup of Coffee

If you put the ping pong table in the right place, everyone in your coffee shop will be able to see the game. Isn’t it exciting to watch a game between two good players while you’re enjoying a cup of coffee with your friends? You don’t have to buy multiple screens or subscribe to certain channels to watch certain table tennis games. Your customers will actually love the fact that they can see the action in real life, just a few meters away from them.

Almost Everyone Knows How a Game of Table Tennis Works

Sports like basketball, American football, football, cricket and even table tennis are just some of the sports that almost everyone knows. You don’t have to read a whole book about it just to figure how a game works. You won’t just be able to attract ping pong players, but you’ll also be able to attract a lot of ping pong lovers.


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