Cool Coffee Table Ideas for Your Coffee Shop

Cool Coffee Table Ideas for Your Coffee Shop

Opening up a coffee shop? Aside from the beans and pastries, you’ll also have to worry about how your coffee shop will look like, and that includes picking the right furniture. For coffee tables, here are some cool ideas.


We understand that it’s your first time starting a coffee shop business, and you want to be feasible with expenses and costs at almost every aspect without sacrificing your coffee shop’s quality of service. One way to reduce expenses is by using recycled materials for your coffee shop tables. You can get very creative by using wine bottles, old picket fences, windows, doors and etc. You can make them with the same design, or with several kinds to give different experiences for your customers at each table.


If you don’t have any experience in designing coffee tables, you think you’re not creative, or if you just want to have a unique interior for your coffee shop which means customized tables, then the best idea is to get a designer to create an idea or ideas for your coffee tables. You may not find a designer who specializes in coffee table, but there are a lot of them who can actually make great ideas. Most designers also have close contact with the people who make this kind of furniture, so you don’t have to waste your time finding for a suitable coffee maker that can make your design.


If you prefer doing things by yourself, without any professional help or wasting any more money, then you can think of making DIY coffee tables. If you have the skills, capacity and access to materials and equipment like a hybrid table saw, it won’t be hard for you to do it yourself. Like I’ve said earlier, you can create this furniture from recycled materials or, you can buy new materials and parts. Just make sure you do them properly. DIY coffee tables need to be done properly, so you better choose good table saws for the design that you want, carefully attach the pieces together, and make sure that they will hold a generous amount of weight.


If you have the design, but you don’t have the skills or access to be able to make them come true, then your last resort is to find a furniture maker. There a lot of things you need to consider when finding for the appropriate furniture maker. One, they should be affordable. Most furniture makers give discounts if you order in bulk, especially if they have the same designs. If you’re planning on different designs, your furniture maker should be versatile enough to shift from a design to another. Third, you should be able to easily follow-up with the process, and that means they need to be close to you. Lastly, they should be able to agree with your deadline. Seriously, you don’t want to open a coffee shop with no tables.


There are literally hundreds of designs for coffee tables. Some of the most common types are made out of wood, rattan, glass, metal and acrylic. If you’re going for the plastic ones, make sure they don’t easily melt with the hotness of your table froth

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