Famous Coffee Shops for Motorcycle Riders

Famous Coffee Shops for Motorcycle Ridersmotorcycle froth

Who says motorcycle riders’ favorite drink is just beer? You’re definitely wrong. In fact, there are a lot of coffee shops around the world that are dedicated to motorbike riders.

CAFÉ RIDER – Al Quoz, Dubai

Although it is hidden in the city of Al Quoz, Café Rider is a very famous coffee shop for bikers. Once a warehouse, it was transformed into a coffee shop that is connected to a motorbike workshop. The café has an airy and modern space, with really high ceilings and signature custom bikes displayed around the establishment. There are a lot of seats you can choose from, and there’s a foosball table to create the ideal atmosphere to visit and chill with your other motorbike friends. The café also have a hidden area on top allowing you to perform business meetings over a cup of some hot lip smacking coffee drink. Most of the Riders use Garmin Zumo 660LM that serves to find the hidden place of the cafe. Check this 660 GPS review.

INLINE 4 CAFÉ – Victoria, AustraliaFor the drinks, Café Rider serves classic and creative coffees. You should also try their cold brew, which is amazing, really smooth, icy cold, and doesn’t have a hit of bitterness even though it’s really strong. In 2014, Café Rider’s head barista won the UAE National Barista Championship in 2014.

Inline 4 Café is heavily decorated with motorbike decorations. It can be a little bit unusual for other coffee shop goers, but it’s still engaging especially when you’re waiting for your coffee. You can stop by here and have your brunch, or meet with other bikers in the city. Don’t worry about finding a parking space for your 2-wheel devils, they have an ample amount of parking space in the street, with several helmet hooks and a spray bottle in case a bug gets into your visor! Obviously, it’s a frequent place for motorbike riders, both young and old.

Aside from their delicious coffee, they also have a mouthwatering menu, including the Alpine Eggs baked in a ramekin. The staff in Inline 4 Café is very friendly, and they’re very attentive to what you need. You can also engage a conversation with them, and they’ll be interested in talking to you. You and your biker friends can sit alfresco right in front of the coffee shop, or you can sit inside during colder days.

Black Lightning Motorcycle Café

Motorbike riders don’t just spend their time in the far northern part of California for the coastal scenery, majestic redwoods, and hidden backroads. They also stop by at a motorcycle coffee shop known as the Black Lightning Motorcycle Café. It was first opened in October of 2013, which was once a lifelong dream by its owner, Jeff Hesseltine.

Whether you’re a motorbike rider or not, you’ll love the earthy color scheme, comfortable seats, and their European-inspired Brunch menu. All of their panini sandwiches are named after motorbike marques. Aside from coffee drinks, they also serve craft beers, sodas, and even soups! They display several motorbikes that motorcycle enthusiasts will definitely drool over. They feature a Ducati Falcon, and also beautiful Triumph Dirt Tracker. They also have shelves and racks packed with motorbike accessories, from helmets to gears. “It was really likable that they found our coffee shop using their bike’s GPS”.

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