Comparative analysis between coffee shops and massage parlors


Massage parlors and coffee shops compete for the same customers. When you need to relax without any body movement then a coffee shop is the ideal place. In case you are tired and feel that you need to stretch your body, yet you have no energy to hit the gym, then massage parlors should be your next stop.(

Locating a massage parlor next to a coffee shop is a great business idea, you have just relaxed while taking the stimulant, you thought it would give you the relief you need in vain. Automatically, the body is calling for a massage to make your body return to normalcy after a tiring day. Having the two on the same point is a business strategy to increase sales and capitalize of the body’s weaknesses.

After a massage, you have released all the anxieties, our body is also now relaxed, a cup of your favorite coffee drink works wonders as you get out your smartphone and catch up with your friends on various social media sites – what a great way to unwind


Similarities between massage and coffee

They both work on the central nervous system to ensure the brain produces neurotransmitters to make the body and mind relax, and further relieve stress and anxiety. Individuals who visit either of the two places where these services are offered rarely go into depression – untreated stress.

Once your body is relaxed, your mind is clear and sober to handle various life challenges. Have you wondered why the same problem people handle them differently with different results? It depends on the time you make the decision, is your mind sober or stress. This helps to enhance once self- esteem and boost their confidence levels.

Your personality growth and development is highly determined by your attitude. The moment you have high confidence levels you automatically develop a positive attitude towards life portrayed in your social and public relations.

Differences between massage and coffee

Massage needs a physical touch of body parts which have the nerve endings for them to have the ripple effect of production of the happiness neurotransmitter. Once you drink coffee, the stimulant works on the nervous system internally for the same purpose. The effect on coffee is faster compared to when you use a massage.

In massage parlors, the personnel must touch specific parts of the body, which they are trained to do for them to have the same effect. Coffee transmits through the blood hence the entire body cells and tissues are worked on. However, massage parlors have a stronger effect in straightening the muscles and alleviating any inflammation which causes the body pain. When the inflammation is severe, then coffee does not offer the best solution since it works on the mind for the body to have a self-regulatory mechanism as opposed to a massage which works on the specific body part for an instant ripple effect.

Just like adding massage chair for your home, coffee shop ensures your busy life does not affect your physical and mental health.


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