Garment Steamers for coffee shop uniforms

Imagine, you wake up one day, you look at the clock and damn you’re late!

Like being late isn’t a disaster enough already you figure you do not have any neatly pressed shirts and your fat wardrobe full of wrinkled shirts gapes at you stupidly.

What to do now?

You definitely don’t have enough time at this hour to kill the wrinkles as you’re already running late. Your boss at the coffee shop goes berserk and as if you being late wasn’t enough, your wrinkles get you fired.

Only because discipline matters. Indeed nobody likes poor service. And nobody definitely likes waiters serving in wrinkles. It’s like.. morning breath!

Appearance matters and even though your appearance isn’t why people chose this coffee shop as an awakener, wrinkled uniforms gets people FIRED!

If only you had Flash’s super-speed!


Don’t want to get fired? Buy a garment steafont-b-coffee-b-font-font-b-shop-b-font-service-work-clothes-short-sleevemer

Nobody wants to get fired. Well, baristas the easiest solution to your problem is a “garment steamer”. Yes, a garment steamer. You’re about to realize how great of a power a garment steamer actually holds. Who doesn’t need a device that can magically smooth those stubborn creases which iron takes too much time on? This device could get you promotions. It could get you tips. It would get you noticed by your boss. It could get you a girlfriend. Everyone likes a well-groomed person.

Use garment steamer for uniforms. But how does it work?

Now that you have bought a best Portable Handheld Clothes Steamer you must know how it works. First, the tap water is turned into steam by a steam cleaner which lets you blow it onto your wrinkled material. The bonds between the fabric’s molecules are loosened up by steam which as a result decreases the emergence of those nasty creases.

The best part about using a garment steamer is you don’t need and iron board, you don’t have to lay them on a flat and a hard surface to take out those creases. All you have to do is put your garment on a hanger and grab your steamer and begin slaying those wrinkles. Run it up and down and you’ll see them disappearing in no time. Besides isn’t ironing too frustrating? And do not forget the part where you burn yourself accidentally. A plus point to garment steamers is they do not burn or scorch your clothes.

How well a steamer does its job or how much time does it take to remove wrinkles depends entirely on a number of factors like the material.  The thicker is the fabric, the more time it takes to even the wrinkles.Light materials like porous, Jersey cotton and linen do not take that long and can be smoothed within a few minutes whereas, polyester and other such fabrics take some extra time. Since the uniform material is polyester, iron would take a lot of time where as a steamer would be a quick job.
Now, now barista you can stop procrastinating and easily get rid of those stubborn wrinkles and not get fired. Imagine, a life without wrinkles, without scorches and burns.


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