How To Clean A Barbecue Grill With Coffee


Smoked Meats are a great way to spend a lazy Sunday. Nothing’s better than enjoying some tasty meat in the backward. The grill of a smoker( which is an outdoor cooking material tends to get dirty with time, though. It needs to be cleaned after every few uses to keep it hygienic. This isn’t as big of a problem as you may think as the grill easy to clean.

A bit of grease is very easy to remove from a barbecue girl with dishwasher soap. With time, however, more deposits of soot and grease stick to the barbecue grill. It can lead to a point where a thick layer covers the entire surface of the grill. This can be considerably harder to clean and common cleaning fluids may not be able to remove the black layer.

So, if scrubbing the grill with dishwasher soap can’t clean it what can? The answer may surprise you. Coffee is actually pretty good at cleaning grills. Yes, the same coffee which you drink in the morning for energy can do a good job at cleaning common household items like a charred grill.

The science behind coffee’s superb cleaning abilities is the fact that it is acidic in nature. Just like vinegar and strong cleaning fluids, coffee is an acid, albeit a mild one. It’s still really good for cleaning though and will make short work of the layer of charred soot and grease that’s mucking up your grill.

One of the best reasons why coffee is used as a cleaner is because it is widely available. Most households tend to stock up on coffee in some form of the other such as beans or grounded powder. Even if you don’t have any coffee lying around in your house, it’s easy to find some at the local department store. You could even ask for some from your neighbors. Coffee’s wide available makes it the most accessible option to clean a barbecue grill.

Using coffee to clean a grill is very simple. The first step is to brew some coffee in a pot. Don’t use your expensive beans for this process since it’s going to end up in your basin. The price and flavor of the coffee don’t matter at all when it comes to cleaning a charred grill. This is a clear case of the quantity being more important than quantity. The coffee used for cleaning grills can be of any kind. Cheap coffee will work just as well expensive ones.

After you fill your basin up with coffee, get ready to dip your dirty grill in the bath. The grill needs to be placed in such a way that it is entirely soaked in the coffee. Being totally submerged is vital to the procedure as the coffee won’t be able to attack the layer of dirt on the grill otherwise.

The next is to wait. Coffee can take a long to work its magic. Just keep your grill soaking in the basin for 45 minutes to an hour while the coffee attacks and weakens the dirt on the grill.

Once the wait is up, you’ll have to give the grill a light scrubbing with something coarse with steel wool. You’ll find that the dirt comes off much easier and quicker after being soaked in coffee. The same gunk which would take a considerable amount of effort to scrape off before the treatment now takes only a few rubs to remove.

When you’re satisfied with the results, rinse the grill under a tap of cold water to remove all the remaining flakes. You should be left with a shiny barbecue grill that looks brand new.

Besides being an excellent stimulant, coffee is also a potent cleaner. Not only is it easy to use, but it’s widely available as well. These factors make it an excellent choice to clean your grill with.

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