Comparative analysis between coffee shops and massage parlors


Massage parlors and coffee shops compete for the same customers. When you need to relax without any body movement then a coffee shop is the ideal place. In case you are tired and feel that you need to stretch your body, yet you have no energy to hit the gym, then massage parlors should be your next stop.(

Locating a massage parlor next to a coffee shop is a great business idea, you have just relaxed while taking the stimulant, you thought it would give you the relief you need in vain. Automatically, the body is calling for a massage to make your body return to normalcy after a tiring day. Having the two on the same point is a business strategy to increase sales and capitalize of the body’s weaknesses.

After a massage, you have released all the anxieties, our body is also now relaxed, a cup of your favorite coffee drink works wonders as you get out your smartphone and catch up with your friends on various social media sites – what a great way to unwind


Similarities between massage and coffee

They both work on the central nervous system to ensure the brain produces neurotransmitters to make the body and mind relax, and further relieve stress and anxiety. Individuals who visit either of the two places where these services are offered rarely go into depression – untreated stress.

Once your body is relaxed, your mind is clear and sober to handle various life challenges. Have you wondered why the same problem people handle them differently with different results? It depends on the time you make the decision, is your mind sober or stress. This helps to enhance once self- esteem and boost their confidence levels.

Your personality growth and development is highly determined by your attitude. The moment you have high confidence levels you automatically develop a positive attitude towards life portrayed in your social and public relations.

Differences between massage and coffee

Massage needs a physical touch of body parts which have the nerve endings for them to have the ripple effect of production of the happiness neurotransmitter. Once you drink coffee, the stimulant works on the nervous system internally for the same purpose. The effect on coffee is faster compared to when you use a massage.

In massage parlors, the personnel must touch specific parts of the body, which they are trained to do for them to have the same effect. Coffee transmits through the blood hence the entire body cells and tissues are worked on. However, massage parlors have a stronger effect in straightening the muscles and alleviating any inflammation which causes the body pain. When the inflammation is severe, then coffee does not offer the best solution since it works on the mind for the body to have a self-regulatory mechanism as opposed to a massage which works on the specific body part for an instant ripple effect.

Just like adding massage chair for your home, coffee shop ensures your busy life does not affect your physical and mental health.


Pros of Having a billiard Tables on a Coffee Shop

A billiard table( is a standard game table for billiard games. This table comes in different sizes and can be used in several organizations. A billiard table can also be put in a coffee shop. There are several advantages of having a billiard table in a coffee shop. They include:


1. Billiard Tables will increase the number of customers that patronize a coffee shop:
One of the benefits of having a billiard table in a coffee shop is that it increases the number of customers that patronizes the coffee shop because they enjoyed a nice game too. This is because billiard games are very popular with people of different ages. Once a coffee shop installs this table, the number of customers will increase dramatically as people will come to the coffee shop not only to drink coffee but also to play billiard games. Billiard games are exciting games that will brighten the atmosphere of a coffee shop and encourage more customers to patronize the coffee shop.

2. Billiard Tables provide more fun for coffee shop customers:
Another benefit of having billiard tables in a coffee shop is that it provides more fun for customers of the coffee shop. Aside just drinking coffee and watching television in a coffee shop, customers can participate in billiard games in other to get more excitement. Billiard tables will provide another form of amusement for various customers of a coffee shop.

3. Billiard Tables allow Coffee Shop Customers to exercise their bodies:
One of the pros of having billiard tables in a coffee shop is that it provides an opportunity for customers to exercise their arms, feet, biceps and legs. This is because billiard games are played while standing. Ordinarily in a coffee shop, customers sit down to enjoy a cup of coffee and may do so while watching television. This provides no form of exercise to the coffee shop customer. However, with billiard tables in a coffee shop, customers can have a refreshing cup of coffee on their feet while playing billiard games. Billiard tables not only provides another dimension to enjoying a coffee drink in a coffee shop, it also helps coffee shops customers to exercise their bodies in a coffee shop.

4. Billiard Tables help customers interact more in a coffee shop:
Another benefit of having billiard tables in a coffee shop is that it encourages customers of a coffee shop to interact more. Ordinarily customers will just sit at their tables and drink coffee with very little interaction but with billiard tables in a coffee shop, it would encourage customers to interact the more because of billiard games. Billiard games takes two or more people, hence an interaction is necessary during the games. This is one of the benefits of having billiard tables in a coffee shop.

5. Billiard Tables in a coffee shop will increase customer satisfaction:
Billiard Tables in a coffee shop will definitely increase customer satisfaction in a coffee shop. This is because customers have the chance to take part in an exciting activity while also drinking coffee. Billiard games increases interaction among customers which will also lead to an increased satisfaction on the part of the customers.

How To Clean A Barbecue Grill With Coffee


Smoked Meats are a great way to spend a lazy Sunday. Nothing’s better than enjoying some tasty meat in the backward. The grill of a smoker( which is an outdoor cooking material tends to get dirty with time, though. It needs to be cleaned after every few uses to keep it hygienic. This isn’t as big of a problem as you may think as the grill easy to clean.

A bit of grease is very easy to remove from a barbecue girl with dishwasher soap. With time, however, more deposits of soot and grease stick to the barbecue grill. It can lead to a point where a thick layer covers the entire surface of the grill. This can be considerably harder to clean and common cleaning fluids may not be able to remove the black layer.

So, if scrubbing the grill with dishwasher soap can’t clean it what can? The answer may surprise you. Coffee is actually pretty good at cleaning grills. Yes, the same coffee which you drink in the morning for energy can do a good job at cleaning common household items like a charred grill.

The science behind coffee’s superb cleaning abilities is the fact that it is acidic in nature. Just like vinegar and strong cleaning fluids, coffee is an acid, albeit a mild one. It’s still really good for cleaning though and will make short work of the layer of charred soot and grease that’s mucking up your grill.

One of the best reasons why coffee is used as a cleaner is because it is widely available. Most households tend to stock up on coffee in some form of the other such as beans or grounded powder. Even if you don’t have any coffee lying around in your house, it’s easy to find some at the local department store. You could even ask for some from your neighbors. Coffee’s wide available makes it the most accessible option to clean a barbecue grill.

Using coffee to clean a grill is very simple. The first step is to brew some coffee in a pot. Don’t use your expensive beans for this process since it’s going to end up in your basin. The price and flavor of the coffee don’t matter at all when it comes to cleaning a charred grill. This is a clear case of the quantity being more important than quantity. The coffee used for cleaning grills can be of any kind. Cheap coffee will work just as well expensive ones.

After you fill your basin up with coffee, get ready to dip your dirty grill in the bath. The grill needs to be placed in such a way that it is entirely soaked in the coffee. Being totally submerged is vital to the procedure as the coffee won’t be able to attack the layer of dirt on the grill otherwise.

The next is to wait. Coffee can take a long to work its magic. Just keep your grill soaking in the basin for 45 minutes to an hour while the coffee attacks and weakens the dirt on the grill.

Once the wait is up, you’ll have to give the grill a light scrubbing with something coarse with steel wool. You’ll find that the dirt comes off much easier and quicker after being soaked in coffee. The same gunk which would take a considerable amount of effort to scrape off before the treatment now takes only a few rubs to remove.

When you’re satisfied with the results, rinse the grill under a tap of cold water to remove all the remaining flakes. You should be left with a shiny barbecue grill that looks brand new.

Besides being an excellent stimulant, coffee is also a potent cleaner. Not only is it easy to use, but it’s widely available as well. These factors make it an excellent choice to clean your grill with.

Garment Steamers for coffee shop uniforms

Imagine, you wake up one day, you look at the clock and damn you’re late!

Like being late isn’t a disaster enough already you figure you do not have any neatly pressed shirts and your fat wardrobe full of wrinkled shirts gapes at you stupidly.

What to do now?

You definitely don’t have enough time at this hour to kill the wrinkles as you’re already running late. Your boss at the coffee shop goes berserk and as if you being late wasn’t enough, your wrinkles get you fired.

Only because discipline matters. Indeed nobody likes poor service. And nobody definitely likes waiters serving in wrinkles. It’s like.. morning breath!

Appearance matters and even though your appearance isn’t why people chose this coffee shop as an awakener, wrinkled uniforms gets people FIRED!

If only you had Flash’s super-speed!


Don’t want to get fired? Buy a garment steafont-b-coffee-b-font-font-b-shop-b-font-service-work-clothes-short-sleevemer

Nobody wants to get fired. Well, baristas the easiest solution to your problem is a “garment steamer”. Yes, a garment steamer. You’re about to realize how great of a power a garment steamer actually holds. Who doesn’t need a device that can magically smooth those stubborn creases which iron takes too much time on? This device could get you promotions. It could get you tips. It would get you noticed by your boss. It could get you a girlfriend. Everyone likes a well-groomed person.

Use garment steamer for uniforms. But how does it work?

Now that you have bought a best Portable Handheld Clothes Steamer you must know how it works. First, the tap water is turned into steam by a steam cleaner which lets you blow it onto your wrinkled material. The bonds between the fabric’s molecules are loosened up by steam which as a result decreases the emergence of those nasty creases.

The best part about using a garment steamer is you don’t need and iron board, you don’t have to lay them on a flat and a hard surface to take out those creases. All you have to do is put your garment on a hanger and grab your steamer and begin slaying those wrinkles. Run it up and down and you’ll see them disappearing in no time. Besides isn’t ironing too frustrating? And do not forget the part where you burn yourself accidentally. A plus point to garment steamers is they do not burn or scorch your clothes.

How well a steamer does its job or how much time does it take to remove wrinkles depends entirely on a number of factors like the material.  The thicker is the fabric, the more time it takes to even the wrinkles.Light materials like porous, Jersey cotton and linen do not take that long and can be smoothed within a few minutes whereas, polyester and other such fabrics take some extra time. Since the uniform material is polyester, iron would take a lot of time where as a steamer would be a quick job.
Now, now barista you can stop procrastinating and easily get rid of those stubborn wrinkles and not get fired. Imagine, a life without wrinkles, without scorches and burns.


Famous Coffee Shops for Motorcycle Riders

Famous Coffee Shops for Motorcycle Ridersmotorcycle froth

Who says motorcycle riders’ favorite drink is just beer? You’re definitely wrong. In fact, there are a lot of coffee shops around the world that are dedicated to motorbike riders.

CAFÉ RIDER – Al Quoz, Dubai

Although it is hidden in the city of Al Quoz, Café Rider is a very famous coffee shop for bikers. Once a warehouse, it was transformed into a coffee shop that is connected to a motorbike workshop. The café has an airy and modern space, with really high ceilings and signature custom bikes displayed around the establishment. There are a lot of seats you can choose from, and there’s a foosball table to create the ideal atmosphere to visit and chill with your other motorbike friends. The café also have a hidden area on top allowing you to perform business meetings over a cup of some hot lip smacking coffee drink. Most of the Riders use Garmin Zumo 660LM that serves to find the hidden place of the cafe. Check this 660 GPS review.

INLINE 4 CAFÉ – Victoria, AustraliaFor the drinks, Café Rider serves classic and creative coffees. You should also try their cold brew, which is amazing, really smooth, icy cold, and doesn’t have a hit of bitterness even though it’s really strong. In 2014, Café Rider’s head barista won the UAE National Barista Championship in 2014.

Inline 4 Café is heavily decorated with motorbike decorations. It can be a little bit unusual for other coffee shop goers, but it’s still engaging especially when you’re waiting for your coffee. You can stop by here and have your brunch, or meet with other bikers in the city. Don’t worry about finding a parking space for your 2-wheel devils, they have an ample amount of parking space in the street, with several helmet hooks and a spray bottle in case a bug gets into your visor! Obviously, it’s a frequent place for motorbike riders, both young and old.

Aside from their delicious coffee, they also have a mouthwatering menu, including the Alpine Eggs baked in a ramekin. The staff in Inline 4 Café is very friendly, and they’re very attentive to what you need. You can also engage a conversation with them, and they’ll be interested in talking to you. You and your biker friends can sit alfresco right in front of the coffee shop, or you can sit inside during colder days.

Black Lightning Motorcycle Café

Motorbike riders don’t just spend their time in the far northern part of California for the coastal scenery, majestic redwoods, and hidden backroads. They also stop by at a motorcycle coffee shop known as the Black Lightning Motorcycle Café. It was first opened in October of 2013, which was once a lifelong dream by its owner, Jeff Hesseltine.

Whether you’re a motorbike rider or not, you’ll love the earthy color scheme, comfortable seats, and their European-inspired Brunch menu. All of their panini sandwiches are named after motorbike marques. Aside from coffee drinks, they also serve craft beers, sodas, and even soups! They display several motorbikes that motorcycle enthusiasts will definitely drool over. They feature a Ducati Falcon, and also beautiful Triumph Dirt Tracker. They also have shelves and racks packed with motorbike accessories, from helmets to gears. “It was really likable that they found our coffee shop using their bike’s GPS”.

Cool Coffee Table Ideas for Your Coffee Shop

Cool Coffee Table Ideas for Your Coffee Shop

Opening up a coffee shop? Aside from the beans and pastries, you’ll also have to worry about how your coffee shop will look like, and that includes picking the right furniture. For coffee tables, here are some cool ideas.


We understand that it’s your first time starting a coffee shop business, and you want to be feasible with expenses and costs at almost every aspect without sacrificing your coffee shop’s quality of service. One way to reduce expenses is by using recycled materials for your coffee shop tables. You can get very creative by using wine bottles, old picket fences, windows, doors and etc. You can make them with the same design, or with several kinds to give different experiences for your customers at each table.


If you don’t have any experience in designing coffee tables, you think you’re not creative, or if you just want to have a unique interior for your coffee shop which means customized tables, then the best idea is to get a designer to create an idea or ideas for your coffee tables. You may not find a designer who specializes in coffee table, but there are a lot of them who can actually make great ideas. Most designers also have close contact with the people who make this kind of furniture, so you don’t have to waste your time finding for a suitable coffee maker that can make your design.


If you prefer doing things by yourself, without any professional help or wasting any more money, then you can think of making DIY coffee tables. If you have the skills, capacity and access to materials and equipment like a hybrid table saw, it won’t be hard for you to do it yourself. Like I’ve said earlier, you can create this furniture from recycled materials or, you can buy new materials and parts. Just make sure you do them properly. DIY coffee tables need to be done properly, so you better choose good table saws for the design that you want, carefully attach the pieces together, and make sure that they will hold a generous amount of weight.


If you have the design, but you don’t have the skills or access to be able to make them come true, then your last resort is to find a furniture maker. There a lot of things you need to consider when finding for the appropriate furniture maker. One, they should be affordable. Most furniture makers give discounts if you order in bulk, especially if they have the same designs. If you’re planning on different designs, your furniture maker should be versatile enough to shift from a design to another. Third, you should be able to easily follow-up with the process, and that means they need to be close to you. Lastly, they should be able to agree with your deadline. Seriously, you don’t want to open a coffee shop with no tables.


There are literally hundreds of designs for coffee tables. Some of the most common types are made out of wood, rattan, glass, metal and acrylic. If you’re going for the plastic ones, make sure they don’t easily melt with the hotness of your table froth

Ping Pong Tables Are a Great Way to Increase Revenue at Your Coffee Shop

ping pong froth house

Ping Pong Tables Are a Great Way to Increase Revenue at Your Coffee Shop

There are a lot of ways to increase the revenue at your coffee shop, but most of them are common and are already exhausted by other coffee shops. But one of unique ways is having ping pong tables at your coffee shop.

Your Coffee Shop Can be a Permanent Ping Pong Lovers Hangout

Isn’t it a pain in the ass to go to a coffee shop and carefully bring 10 takeout cups of coffee to a Ping Pong establishment without spilling? By having this great idea, you’ll be able to bring their favorite drinks and pastries and their favorite sport in one accessible place. They don’t have to suffer from cold drinks or cold pastries, you can even serve them while they play their favorite sport. Just make sure to experiment with different kinds of coffee drinks and pastries so they don’t get bored by ordering the same thing.

Setting up is Easy and Affordable

There are a lot of quality ping pong tables that aren’t expensive. Also, the equipment such as the racket and the balls are also affordable to buy. Compared to other sports such as badminton, basketball, and volleyball, it’s really easy to install it, especially if your coffee shop’s space is just small. You can set it up in the center with the tables and chairs surrounding it, or you can put it on a corner of your coffee shop. Either way, it will still attract attention especially if you properly advertise it to your customers.

Table Tennis or Ping Pong is an Exciting Indoor Sports

We’re not downgrading any sport, but people who want to see action would prefer indoor table tennis compared to a slow game of chess. Some people don’t get chess at all since there are a lot of things you’ll have to learn about it. With ping pong, it’s very easy to figure it out since it’s almost similar to volleyball or badminton. You could actually gain customers from people outside who are curious about all the cheering inside your coffee shop.

It’s Interesting to Watch a Game of Table Tennis While Enjoying a Cup of Coffee

If you put the ping pong table in the right place, everyone in your coffee shop will be able to see the game. Isn’t it exciting to watch a game between two good players while you’re enjoying a cup of coffee with your friends? You don’t have to buy multiple screens or subscribe to certain channels to watch certain table tennis games. Your customers will actually love the fact that they can see the action in real life, just a few meters away from them.

Almost Everyone Knows How a Game of Table Tennis Works

Sports like basketball, American football, football, cricket and even table tennis are just some of the sports that almost everyone knows. You don’t have to read a whole book about it just to figure how a game works. You won’t just be able to attract ping pong players, but you’ll also be able to attract a lot of ping pong lovers.


Why You Shouldn’t Require Only Customers to Use the Restroom at Your Coffee Shop

froth house restroom


We can understand why a lot of coffee shops have customers-only restrooms. However, there are also many reasons why you should disband this restriction and allow non-customers to access your restroom.

In Some Places, Denying a Non-Customer the Right to Use a Restroom is Illegal

It may not be in the United States, but there are actually laws that allow non-customers to use the restroom. In the several states of the US, the Ally’s Law is very much applied. The act is inspired by a 14-year-old girl named Ally Bain who was suffering from Crohn’s disease. While shopping at a large retail store, her disease spiked up, which requires her to access to a nearby restroom immediately. However, the retail store denied her to use their employee-only bathroom, and this is how the law was passed.

Using the Restroom is a Need and not A Want

Unlike other facilities like make-up rooms, using the restroom is obviously a need, despite being in a public place. You can’t hold what you’re feeling for a long time, and therefore you’ll have to have an easy access to a restroom. I’m pretty much sure 99% of us urinates and defecates. Therefore, denying someone from a need that you can obviously give is wrong. It may not be illegal, but it’s obviously a bad thing to do so.

You Don’t Want Your Business to Have a Bad Reputation

The person you’re denying use of your coffee shop’s bathroom is probably suffering from a certain disease that requires him or her to go to a restroom immediately. And if the accident is being shared, it can get famous, and can result to a bad reputation for your establishment. And instead of having more customers, you’ll lose a lot of them simply because you denied him or her of something that you can easily provide.

Public Urination Will Increase in Your City

In New York City alone, the NYPD has recorded 20, 000 – 30, 000 incidents of public urination each year. This is the result of the city not having enough accessible public bathrooms for the public. And since most establishments require you to purchase first, people, especially the men would rather find a wall or pole too pee on. Public restrooms are supposed to be part of the basic public infrastructures. So if you don’t want your place to smell like pee, you should probably just allow them to use your bathroom.

Surprisingly, Some People Can’t Buy Even the Most Affordable Flushing Toilets

Not all people can afford to buy in your coffee shop, especially the people living in the streets. If you live in a place where street beggars usually stay, it’s a kind thing to allow them to use your bathroom. Aside from free food and water, they have the right to use once in their life. You also don’t want them to just urinate or defecate anywhere.

There May be No Public Toilets near Your Coffee Shop

There are still places that do not have public toilets for anyone’s use. In America alone, finding a clean and usable public toilet or even one piece toilet is almost impossible. Some people, especially tourists might use your coffee shop’s toilet, but eventually they’ll buy something from your shop after using your restroom. Besides, everyone knows it’s a proper etiquette to buy something from the establishment with the restroom you just used.



Save Your Money & Get the Perfect Coffee Machine


You think you may be saving money buying a cheap but low-quality coffee machine, but you’re wrong. Some cheap coffee machines do not have the capacity to brew your favorite coffee mixture, and most of them have short life spans. For 2016, the best coffee maker is the Bonavita BV1900TS, and you should definitely save money to have this amazing coffee brewer at home. Here are its features, specifications, advantages and etc. to compel you to buy this great addition to your kitchen!


  • Capacity to brew 8 cups
  • A Pre-infusion function (optional) that soaks the coffee ground prior to brewing
  • Showerhead that fully saturates coffee for a complete and even extraction
  • Exterior made out of double-walled stainless steel thermal carafe
  • Power equivalent to 1, 500 watts
  • Brewing temperature of between 91 degrees C to 96 degrees C
  • Every plastic part is BPA-free and dishwasher safe


  • Voltage: 120 V
  • Amps: 12.5A
  • Watts: 1500


  • It is one of the most affordable coffee makers
  • The coffee machine received certification from the Specialty Coffee Association of America or SCAA
  • It stays in the target temperature mentioned above
  • Compared to Drip coffee makers dripping a single stream of water using a filter, this coffee machine showers the coffee grounds before maintaining them saturated for certain minutes so it can extract the most flavor.
  • Although it sounds like it has a lot of processes, it can do everything and serve coffee within 6-7 minutes.
  • The exterior allows the coffee to be kept hot for around 2 hours.
  • It’s very easy to use, with a basic on/off switch and a plug.
  • The carafe of this coffee maker is purely made out of stainless steel.
  • It keeps the grounds of the coffee better than other models currently on the market.
  • Unlike other showerhead-type coffee machines, this model has small dimensions which allow you to put it almost anywhere on top of your counter, giving you more space to put other kitchen equipment
  • It’s the ideal size if you’re living alone


  • To avoid touching the hot surfaces, use the handles and knobs provided
  • Avoid drowning cords and plugs in any type of liquid.
  • Unplug the coffee machine when not in use. Do the same thing when cleaning.
  • Allow it to cool down before unplugging.
  • Do not use the machine if there are broken parts.
  • Do not use it outside.
  • Only use accessories or parts approved by the manufacturer.
  • Avoid the cord tangling on the edge of the table or counter.
  • Before disconnecting the machine, make sure to turn it off with the switch provided.
  • Remove the lid of the carafe before starting to brew the coffee.
  • Put it in a place where the surface is even.
  • Do not try to use the machine without water inside the tank.